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Morris Morrison

Keynote Speaker


DISRUPT YOURSELF: Driving Change, Growth & New Opportunities On Purpose!

Change. Disruption. Transformation.

It’s no secret that human beings crave consistency - and we dislike change. In this program, Morris Morrison will energize, entertain and inspire you to abandon your need for certainty and embrace the opportunities that come with change. You will be equipped with the required MINDSET needed to abandon comfort and create new disciplines that will position you as DISRUPTORS. This program will give you the spark you need to drive proactive change - on purpose - and push through organizational challenges to achieve exceptional results.

What to Expect

Morris Morrison is obsessed with building Stronger, Kinder, Connected human beings. As the owner of Windmill Park Media, Morris is a world-class Entertainer, Show Host, Writer, and Entrepreneur whose journey began in New York City before a doctor’s words changed his life forever, after being orphaned a second time.

Today, many global leaders have witnessed his impact live on stage and in his latest books titled: "Overnight Success" and "Disrupt Yourself." His message is powerful, his story is unforgettable, and his focus is clear: to bring families & teams closer, and make organizations more impactful, through personal ownership, service, and generosity.

Disrupt Yourself Book Cover


What You'll Learn:

  • To abandon COMFORT and create new DISCIPLINES, on purpose.
  • How to positively embrace the OPPORTUNITIES that come with change.
  • Their VALUE as stakeholders in driving organizational change.
  • The importance of being personally ACCOUNTABLE for growth.
  • The importance of being CONNECTED as a team during a transition.
  • The importance of modeling GENEROSITY in leadership and mission.